1st International Conference on Public Health Kenya 2018

About the Hosting City - Nairobi

About the Hosting City - Nairobi, Kenya

At 5,889 ft above sea level, Nairobi enjoys a moderate climate. The altitude makes for some chilly evenings for jackets, sweaters and scarves, especially in the June/July season when the temperature can drop to 10 °C (50 °F). Light clothes can be worn during the warmest part of the year from December to March, when temperatures average the mid-twenties during the day.

For coats, boots and umbrellas Nairobi experiences two rainy seasons in a year long rains from March-May and short rains from October- November.
Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) is the main airport in Nairobi. It is the largest and busiest airport in East and Central Africa.

It serves as a transit hub for major airlines as well as the gateway for visitors to Africa’s treasured game parks, cultural heritage, scenic landscapes and business opportunities. The airport also serves as a major cargo centre for both inbound and outbound goods.

JKIA is situated in Nairobi, 20 minutes from the Central Business District. Most major hotels in Nairobi have their stations at the arrival terminal for facilitation of guests on arrival. Its connectivity to the rest of the world is also enhanced by the presence of the world’s popular airlines.

Unique Kenyan Cuisine

Kenyans are formidable meat eaters. One of the best known Kenyan specialities is Nyama Choma- meaning literally ‘roasted meat’. There are many popular 'Choma Joints' in most Kenyan towns. Probably the best known is Nairobi's Carnivore, Kenya’s most famous restaurant.

This is usually slow roasted over an open fire or charcoals, and served with a mixture of basic greens (known as Sukuma Wiki) and Ugali (dish of maize flour). Ugali is the much loved staple food of Kenya. Essentially a stiff porridge of maize flour, Ugali is served in large, freshly cooked bricks. Pieces of Ugali are broken off and used to eat either meat, stews or vegetables.

Vegetarians need not feel threatened- Kenya's large Asian population has led to a great many Indian, Pakistani and sub-continental restaurants throughout the country. Excellent vegetarian meals can always be found alongside the best of regional Indian cuisine.

There is an incredible range of restaurants in Nairobi covering a world of cuisines. From Korean BBQ to French Novelle Cuisine, Ethiopian Injera to a Traditional Roast Sunday lunch, Hamburgers to Tandoori specialities, you'll find exactly what you're looking for, or a new and unexpected treat.

A view of Nairobi City. The city under the sun
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